Say Goodbye to Pen and Paper Chaos

And Hello to Business Control đź‘‹

Before Elevate Engage: Pen and paper was used for client information, Appointments were booked on the phone, and revenue numbers were vague. With Elevate Engage: Everything is organized in one place, allowing you to easily track numbers, automate bookings, and save over 10 hours weekly.

We Automate The Time Consuming Tasks. So You Can Focus on Doing Awesome Work

A Software Platform Built For Appointment-based Businesses: Gym, and Yoga, Beauty Salons, Chiropractor, Spa and Massage, Barbershop, Dentist, Makeup Artist, Pet Grooming, Coaching, Handyman.

Don’t Juggle Multiple Software Together…

No need to pay for three to four different tools. Elevate engage offers you everything in one place: Appointment booking, CRM, Email marketing, SMS marketing, and Payment system so you don’t have to switch between multiple platforms.


Contact Management

Let’s get you off excel, and create a client database that tells the full story: Favorite service, number of appointments, and life-time value. Easily know who your best customers are.


Multiple Ways to Communicate Guarantees Sure Response

Easy client follow-up via SMS, Email, or Phone calls. Ensure no promotion, discount, or important update gets past them.


Less Back-and-forth Emails...

Book more customers without the back-and forth emails, or phone calls. Easily allocate different timings, for shorter waiting time - Ensuring high rebooking rate.


Invoices With Instant Payment option…

Give income and expenses tracking on Excel sheets a rest. Generate professionally looking invoices on the go and track payment - Know who has paid, who hasn’t, and analyze each customer’s average order value to know your best paying customers.


Reach and Engage With Your Best Clients..

Reach your customers where they hangout and increase the speed to lead. Create a competitive edge for your company by tailoring your marketing to their communication preference.


See How Business is Performing

Track the number of new clients walking into the door weekly, monthly, and annually. See close or far off you’re from hitting your numbers.


Manage Your Web Presence..

Be more organized by having all your online marketing system from one location - Blogs, website,Sales funnel, Order forms and Surveys. Control all marketing activities from one dashboard.

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